Calidar: In Stranger Skies

In to the Sere
Follow the tracks...

I’ve come to marvel at the childish nature of my companions. Over the last few months, we’ve come across all manner of magical artifacts…. yet they do not want them? What luck it has been to me! Presented with a mighty flaming mace, they refused to wield it! or even acknowledge its presence. I have however put this weapon to savage use. while I disdane physical combat due to my disability, I must grudgingly admit it has turned me into a powerful warrior, much more so than my crippled leg would allow for.

Later when we acquired a set of magical platemail that gave the wearer resistance to fire and the ability to walk on water, they again refused it! Only under protest did Dharver wear the powerful artifact.

Garrick similarly refused to wield a magical mace in lieu of his mundane one. I must say my confusion regarding this has never been so high.

I suppose it can only work out for the best when later on they wish to acquire something else. I am not nearly as particular when it comes to using leftovers. I was born with nothing. and anything is better than that.


It has come to my attention that there is another group that operates outside of the regular channels. They’re called the Steelwurm Company & they’re lead by someone named Alphonasy Warburn or somesuch. Oficially they suposedly disbanded years ago, but I recently stumbled unto an operation of theirs. It looked like they were transportating something, I’m not sure what, I was occupied with other matters at the time. What? you ask, It’s a little complicated. All I’m going to say is that the love life of god’s are way too ridiculous & there might be a shift in the theology of Telos & Alana. Anyway I think the Company needs some investigating, for them to suddenly pop up out of nowhere seems suspicious, I’m betting they’re into something interesting or in the very least someone to sell questionable items to. Either way I’ll need to look in to in further. Garrick

Godly Mating
Beware of pools in fertility temples...

The heroes traverse a devastating false floor, spinning blade, pool trap. Then free cursed and imprisoned heretical priests of Alana Lifebringer. All ending in a hot tub where the Vessel of Teos is created.

Into the Lost Temple of the Blessed Confluence
Girls floating in water is not always a good thing.
Rescuing Cross
Into the Temple
Arrival at Paamahana
Not all as it seems...

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